Remove paste function from Twitch chat

Have you ever thought about removing paste function from Twitch chat?

Copy, ok, why not, but the paste function leads to spamming and nothing else. I just dont see any good example of pasting something into chat useful for other chat users. Day by day same spam going on, people would not spam that much if you would remove the paste function, writing whole spam message by myself? I dont think so.

Consider this as my opinion and share yours below.

This is a terrible idea, if for no other reason than sharing links, or other information. It is extremely over simplifying things when you say it’s used for nothing but spamming.

Additionally, how would you prevent paste into regular IRC clients? You can’t.

There must be a way how to get rid of those spam messages, which ruins user experience in Twitch chat, especially when there is over 50k people watching. You cannot just ignore half of people and watch the stream in same time.

The fastest way is for the broadcaster to enable r9k mode which requires messages to be unique.

Didnt know about that, still we have to rely on mods whether they enable r9k mode or disable it. What are the chances of implementing this as function for User interface, so every user could enable/disable r9k just for himself, if the global r9k is disabled by mods.

Probably never. If you’re using an IRC client you could probably investigate creating a script that would dedupe chat lines, but that requires programming knowledge.

As everyone else has pretty much stated, you just can’t simply remove paste. People can macro type, use alternative chat clients, and more. There will always be a way to dump text into a chat. What you seem to need is better moderators. If you want r9kbeta on, turn it on and remove the moderators who keep shutting it off.

You can have a bot that auto bans/times out the common copy/paste spam; turn on r9k mode. That should handle the majority of spam problems. You could write an autoban for special characters in general. (Non standard ASCII)

Some more on R9KBeta

This command will not allow users to post non-unique messages to the channel. It will check for a minimum of 9 characters that are not symbol unicode characters.

Usage: /r9kbeta

Note: R9K is a unique way of moderating essentially allowing you to stop generic copy-pasted messages intended as spam among over generally annoying content. To find out more about what R9K is we highly suggest reading this blog post.

For general feature requests, please use the uservoice page:


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