Replacement for chat_login scope?

i see in the docs that chat_login scope is deprecated and cannot be used for new clients. what is the right way to authenticate to chat for something like irc addon for the kodi media center? testing with an existing oauth token for chat seems to result in ‘Login Failed’ errors.

i searched on here for chat_login but didn’t find anything recent or helpful.

Scroll to the bottom for “Chat and PubSub”

what is the right site i can use to generate tokens with the right scopes for this or if i wanted a separate chat bot for my channel? i saw one before but not sure if its using the deprecated scope.

You should create your own oAuth Server/management and not rely on someone else for this

that is fair, was just curious since in the past there was something you could use for these tokens to easily add to bots. instead of writing the whole server yourself.

My bots use my own oAuth flow.

So that if someone elses system breaks then I’m not affected.
And allows me to refresh my own tokens.

Generally speaking a user token lasts for four hours, but you only need to refresh at connection to chat.

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