REQ: Add banner/logo information back into the Get Followed Streams endpoint

I’m currently upgrading my app from the old v5 API to the latest Twitch API. The Get Followed Streams endpoint was recently added which I was waiting on. However, the old v5 endpoint contains the “profile_banner” information, while the new equivalent API endpoint does not.

In order to get this information, I would now need to make additional API requests to the Get Users endpoint which also requires an additional user:read:email scope.

I’m requesting this information be added back into the Get Followed Streams endpoint so I don’t have to make additional API requests, and not have to force the users of my app to authorize an additional scope.

Thank you.

The user:read:email scope is only required if you need the endpoint to return the users email address. You can use any OAuth token you like, it’s just that if it lacks that scope for the user you’re attempting to look up, the email field will be omitted.

If you wish to submit a feature request the appropriate place would be Uservoice but in this situation to add profile image urls to the Get Followed Streams endpoint it would be needlessly bloating the data that’s returned and going off the standard of returning the ‘stream’ object which doesn’t include profile banner images as that’s not a property of a stream.

Ideally your app should make a request to Get Users and then cache the response for a period of time so that you don’t need to make additional requests for the same data every time.

Ahh, I should have read that more closely about the scope for Get Users. That takes care of that particular annoyance.

My app already does cache the logo and also stores it’s UUID. I then compare UUID’s and when it changes, it means the user updated their logo and I then download the new one.

It was just easier to do this when that Logo information/UUID was already in each stream object returned from the v5 Get Live Streams endpoint.

What may be a useful feature request would be for changes to profile/banner image to be included in the user.update EventSub type EventSub Subscription Types | Twitch Developers

If it was included in that, then you could have subscribed to that and it would send you notifications of changes, but unfortunately I believe that’s currently limited to changes in username, email (if you have the scope for it), and description.

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