[Request] Allow enabling of Bits on existing extensions

I have an extension which I created and released before Bits in Extensions was available. I would now like to add this ability to an extension.

However in the dashboard I have come to discover that I cannot add this.

I have a problem now of either “don’t bother doing it” or “try and get all current broadcasters to move to a new one and get the users to who shared their Id to do it again”

Is there any way or chance of making this available under “strict” review from yourselves (Twitch)?

The trouble with doing this, is that it would potentially be a breaking change to an extension. Extensions with bits enabled can only be installed by broadcasters that are affiliates or partners, so if Twitch were to allow this, it would mean that extensions could update and just break/stop working for broadcasters who aren’t a partner or affiliate.

Also, not all partners/affiliates want to use bits enabled extensions running on their channel, to allow this would mean that broadcasters who have chosen to only use extensions that don’t use bits, could suddenly have an update that forces these features on to them and not all extensions will have a way to disable that without completely removing the extension.

@Dist I take the point with regards breaking for those that aren’t affiliate and partner. However would it not be a case of having the option do disable bits in extensions. It’s automatically disabled for non-partners or non-affiliates then partners and affiliates can disable the use of them.

It’s then down to the developer to make it a “mandatory” option if their extension functionality “requires” bits

My issue is that I want to provide a basic experience for all streamers, and then add some additional functionality for those that can take bits. I’m ok having two separate extensions that offer similar functionality, one with bits and one without. The problem is that then I have to deal with two extension secrets from the same backend (or have a totally separate backend for each extension). Totally solvable, but annoying.

The backend stuff doesn’t bug me as much as “not being able to upgrade the functionality”. I mean okay copy paste the current extension and add in what I need but the issue is getting those who can and want to transfer to do so.

The added issue in this is the multiple thousand viewers that have already shared their ID with me have to share it again. So it’s not just the broadcaster “having” to switch to the new version it’s that broadcasters viewers as well.

The is something that is being discussed internally. As is already discussed in this thread, this is a complex scenario. Our intent is to provide the best possible experience for developers and broadcasters. Something will likely be done here, once a consensus is reached that is.

Hey All, a quick update - we’ve heard the feedback loud and clear. This is something we are looking to resolve as soon as possible and are planning to post an RFC in the coming weeks to get more detailed feedback on what we’re thinking since this will likely require some changes to your extensions. Keep an eye out for that!

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