Request Channels with a minimum number of Followers and/or Subscribers


I am attempting to get a listing of channels through the API on Twitch that have a minimum number of Followers and/or Subscribers. Looking at the Channel API endpoints I do not see an option for that kind of search. Can you recommend a way to accomplish this?

Thanking you in advance!

You’ll never be able to get a list of channels based off of subscriber numbers because that is private information, the only way to get subscriber data would be to have a user connect to your app and authorise you to view that data, so you’ll only ever be able to sort by subscribers the channels that have connected to your app.

There’s no simple way to sort channels by ascending follower count, you’ll have to make requests to go through 100 users at a time and sort a list yourself.

Thank you very much for your help!

Is there a recommended way to work my way through all the channels. What API endpoint would I use to do this?

Thanks again!

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