Request: Extended Clip API support

Hello. I’m making a Stream First game.

I would like to implement auto-clipping (where the game server itself will clip game highlights), however the Create Clip endpoint seems to have a paucity of functionality at the moment.

I would like to request the following features be added to the Create Clip endpoint as Optional Query String Parameters:

  • clip_name - name of the clip to be created; default is slug name
  • clip_length - length of the clip in seconds to be created (0<clip_length<120); default 120
  • end_time - end timestamp of the clip; default is the time the request is received

So if you call create clip at 0:01:50 with:
clip_name: myclip, clip_length: 10
You will get a 10 second clip named ‘myclip’ beginning at 0:01:40 and ending at 0:01:50.

If you create a clip at 0:01:50 with
end_time: 0:01:30, clip_length:30
You will get a clip named ‘MyDefaultClippedySlug’ beginning at 0:01:00 and ending at 0:01:30.

Essentially, I’m asking for the funtionality to pass parameters to the clip edit page, programmatically, at creation time.

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