[REQUEST] Extension "Browser Source" Feature

Firstly this is not meant to add any more of a review process but I inevitably think it may. Sorry @flamegoat!

So the idea of this request is to allow for the developer to list a “Browser Source” under Asset Hosting and that URL become available to the Broadcaster to add to their broadcasting software like OBS.

This is to mainly get around several issues and use cases that some may have (including me)

  • Show browser source path under Asset Hosting

  • Display the URI to the broadcaster on the dashboard

  • The Browser Source can still use all read-only extension helper methods and functions (example pubsub listen, config service read)

  • Has relaxed rules around audio/visual items auto-playing and with a volume as this is the point of said browser source.

The issue I can see with this is security and how to allow pubsub listening for the broadcaster only for example, especially when you cannot go through an authentication process in OBS Browser Source.

The current situation involves the developer creating their own ESS that a self hosted Browser Source can connect to. From there events need to be broadcast to an EBS to then be pushed to the Browser Source and especially in my case to the PubSub service as well as I typically would do both. Well in my use cases anyway.

This doesn’t allow for any of the extra features like the Config Service or the previously mentioned PubSub service. I am also thinking about “down the line” and possible features Twitch may bring to us devs in the future.