Request: get Helix stream(channel) info when its offline

Hello. I think it will be necessary to add method to Helix api for getting info about streams channels (with multiple ids passing) when stream is offline.
With return info about stream text status, and selected game.
Many… MANY streamers update they status and game much earlier than stream is started, its like a stream announse.
And now only way to get this info is a sending requests to old Kraken api<streamer_id>?api_version=5

With Helix I can get this info only when stream is online, but streamer can change their channel info (game, text status) in offline mode without starting stream. So it would be logical to allow users to see this info when streamer not online. (also this channel info printed in web version but not in mobile apps)

Developers suggestion have 40+ voices for this request but no answer from twitch dev stuff received

And of course its wiil be cool to add method also to a webhook

As you’ve already seen, there is a uservoice item for that request and that is the appropriate place to leave feedback on requests for new features.

Just because Twitch haven’t responded doesn’t mean they haven’t seen it, they do check UserVoice as that’s where they direct people to post feature requests and see popularity/use cases to support the requests. It’s likely that this feature simply is a very low priority, it’s a nice feature sure but not critical to 3rd party developers compared to other functionality that still needs to be ported from v5 to Helix.

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