Request: live_active_channels match stream response

Would it be possible to have the live_active_channels response match the stream response from helix?

I have a use case that would use the thumbnail, however I’m sure there may be cases where some of the other items could be used.



Right now I just loop all live channels and then put a follow up call to kraken/streams (need to upgrade to helix… lol) and cache that for the duration. (I also need the thumbnail, but I also check the streamed game is the game for the extension).

Extensions is currently a kraken end point, so logically, needs the kraken stream response rather than Helix’

(and/or propagate extensions to helix)


+1 for me too.

My only use case at the moment is for debugging/stalking, I have an lambda on AWS that returns the list of live activated channels for an extension, sorted by view count, with a total count of streams as well. I do the same as @BarryCarlyon and pipe that into streams requests 100 at a time (on helix though), would be nice to not need to do that second step though.