[REQUEST] Tierd channel moderation

This isn’t a concern for most small channels, but as channels get larger and the number of moderators increases, it makes sense to add addition layers to the moderation team.

It would be beneficial to add one or two more tiers such that “super” moderators can manage regular moderators and similarly with channel admins/editors to the super mods. I find it frustrating battling against rogue mods who manipulate the chat mode or abuse their powers in other ways. Ideally, the permissions of each role could be configured by the channel broadcaster. Yet, this might pose a conflict with the current “global mod” role.

Additionally, there is much work needed to incorporate action logging to allow proper moderation/administration. Transparency is the first step to accountability.

Moderator supervision is the responsibility of the streamer and ultimately Twitch admins. A similar suggestion for moderation tiers has been reviewed here on Twitch Uservoice.

“Moderator supervision is the responsibility of the streamer and ultimately Twitch admins.”

You’re right it is, and it’s a sub-optimal system. There exists a chain of command in virtually every power structure. Why? Because it is effective. Streamers should be able to focus on streaming and manage less people rather than having to deal with the entire moderation team; same with twitch staff.

What was your point? It wasn’t clear.

I agree that it could be improved, but Twitch Uservoice is a better place to voice and discuss these requests. However, I think the official response will be similar to what @xangold responded in the previous link, hence the reference to the current structure.

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