Request to change a game's name

Hello everyone,
I’m nicknamed Martyste, or TheMarty64 on Twitch and I write here to request the change of a game name from “Asterix & Obelix: Kick Buttix” (North American release) to “Astérix & Obélix XXL” (European releases)
I have already asked GiantBomb for this change, but they will always use the North American release names.
And why do I ask for this change? Well it is pretty simple:
This game was released 5 times, namely on European PS2 (November 21st 2003), then European Gamecube, Gameboy Advance and PC with North American PS2 (June 18th 2004). The Kick Buttix version not only has made really poor sales and therefore is barely known to the public, it is a minority of 1 out of 5 releases, not even being the initial one.
Me and some of my friends from my community are speedrunning Asterix & Obelix XXL for the PC and we are disappointed that we can’t clearly say we play XXL, but rather an unknown failed release.
Please believe in the sincerity of my request and my hope that it will be well considered.
Thanks in advance,


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