Requesting CAP REQ does not show Operator Status

Zeldobot has been using this functionality for many years to determine if it is a moderator in a channel before responding to commands. Other bots I develop for specific channels also use this functionality to determine if a user can add quotes and do other moderator-only commands. About a week ago operator status has vanished from all of my bots and my friend’s bot. Is there any way this feature could be fixed?

We request both
when we connect to the IRC server.

It is better to inteorrgate the tags and test for the existance of the moderator (or broadcaster) badge in the tags.

Operator status is general unreliable as every now and again it stops working (it should come back)

And additionally the Ops are sent in batches (just like join/parts). Ops do work in channels with 1k+ chatters but like I said unreliable.

Twitch merely implementes parts of the IRC RFC it’s not compliant.

So more reliable to test for the moderator badge in the PRIVMSG tags sent with IRCV3


Parameter Description
badges Comma-separated list of chat badges and the version of each badge (each in the format /, such as admin/1). Valid badge values: admin, bits, broadcaster, global_mod, moderator, subscriber, staff, turbo.

Edit: can confirm that ops is broken though

I know that OP statues aren’t the most reliable thing, but they’ve worked fine up until this point. Usually they will go away for a few minutes, but it has been dead since January 25th. For how minimal the use of checking the status is, and since I wouldn’t need to use any of the other tags, I don’t think a rewrite should be necessary. It’d be great if someone at Twitch could check up on why the system is not functioning correctly. I could see if twitch wanted to remove this functionality, but it is still listed as a feature at Thank you for your reply, Barry.

Is this still the case? I see them being applied just fine today, but they were indeed missing last weekend.

Doesn’t seem to be working for me here.

Still broken for me

Edit: In fact, some random person has OP in a chat I operate in that has never been in said chat, speaks a different language, and especially is not modded. But other than that one channel, I have no OPs. I do have a chatter list, however.

Update: Still not working as of 7PM EST on 2/7/19. I’ve tried requesting membership even after connecting multiple times with no change in results. Still no OPs

Is anything being done about this? It’s still broken

It’s been filed as a bug.

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