Required Broadcaster Capabilities Confusion

I am trying to allow my extension to access the “channel_check_subscription” scope. I set this in the dashboard in the Required Broadcaster Capabilities field. In the local test stage, attempting to activate the extension produces an OAuth popup, redirecting to localhost. Moving to a hosted test, attempting to activate the extension does not produce any popup at all.

As per the documentation:

“When you create your extension, an OAuth application is automatically registered for you, with a redirect URI set to https://localhost/. Once you move your extension into hosted testing, you should set this application redirect URI to wherever your EBS is hosted.”

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to set this redirect URI. Can anyone please shed some light on this process?

Having similar issue. Oauth was working fine and then starting yesterday it seems to break. When trying to activate now, the prompt attempts to popup but instead leaves a dark tint across the whole page and a white ‘X’ with nothing else. After getting out of the screen the activation button can’t be hit anymore until the page is refreshed and then the same thing happens all over again.

Also, I thought I remember having an Oauth application automatically registered for me where I was able to change my oauth path and it was working fine. And now I can’t seem to find it again as if it got deleted somehow. I also tried default URI again no luck.

If it’s not there to edit take the following steps:

My extensions weren’t, and still aren’t, appearing in the apps dashboard. Your solution was too easy.

You’re a saint.