Requiting streamers by virtual currency

I’m from the site, which is going to start working soon. Site will be about cases and opening them, similar to
I want to recognize if there is any way that we could pay our streamers like it’s now with viewers.
I mean, the more time viewer spend on watching current streamer the more currency he gains. Currency may be used to buy emoticons, participate in giveaways etc. Our idea is to encourage streamers to stream on our channel, and the more time they spend by streaming on our channel, the more currency they gain. Currency can be used to get skins for giveaway.
Is there any way to requite our streamers this way except using tools outside of twitch?

Virtual currency bots already exist from our community. E.g. Revlo. There is no way to require a streamer to use this though. All bots and integrations are opt-in.

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