[Resolved] Prime Resubs seem to be returning the wrong "sub_plan"

I noticed today that Prime resubs are not returning “Prime” as the ‘sub_plan’ but rather “1000”. New subs, seem to not be affected. Are there changes going through that may have affected this?

Pubsub or IRC usernotice ?

Even your tracker for all prime resubs last night recorded as tier 1.

I’d assume it was both as both in chat and in pubsub responses it was visibly Tier 1.

So the chat was showing tier 1 instead of a prime resub?

Sounds like a Twitch snafu possibiliy related to the chat downtime t’other day.

My tracker pulls from pubsub.

Yeah, there was no indication that anyone was using prime resub. It wasn’t until a couple people pointed out that I had said Tier 1 and they used Prime.

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