Response from IRC servers if hitting verified rate limit?

I’m trying to speed up the join process of our verified bot, as we have 100k channels to join and 2000/10s is making deployment of the bot cumbersome. We have a connection per 5k channels so we’re managing the load OK; but imposing that hard join limit means the process takes around 10-15 minutes if we need to redeploy the service.
Some questions:

  1. Is the join rate definitely per application and not per connection? Each connection startup process is synchronous so we’re being safe anyway
  2. Is there any way to get a server response if we’re violating that rate limit? I assume that as a security precaution, the IRC server doesn’t notify us. The client is actively listening to the incoming server stream, we’re abiding by it and have detected no such alerts, but I’m worried about an accidental overstep and a mismatch between our connected channel list and reality.
  3. if 2000 channels per 10 seconds really is the unavoidable hard limit, are we doomed to long deployments forever?

Until conduits and chat over eventsub finishes arriving.


The answer to everything you have asked is chat on eventsub with conduits which is expected to be available soon :tm:

Have not tested personally.

No and I doubt they will change the output of TMI any time soon

Priortise the live channels.

You might have 100k channels signed up to your service.
But on a restart check which of those are live and join the live ones first.

Then trickle in the rest or wait for them to go live and then join.

Since you have auth, eventsub channel online is zero cost.
So on a restart join the live channels and sleep on the rest till they go live

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