Response when message is invalid because of slow mode, subscriber mode etc


I’m in the process of writing a Twitch plugin that uses the IRC API. Things are coming along pretty nicely but the one thing I can’t figure out is how to handle situations where sending a PRIVMSG to the channel is invalid. For instance, when a chat is in subscriber mode a text saying something like “Suscriber mode only, click here to subscribe” appears or if the chat is in slow mode it says that I can’t type a new message for x seconds. When sending a PRIVMSG to these channels however I don’t receive these types of messages back from the server, it just quietly swallows them. Is there any way I can recieve these messages and display them? Do I need to request them somehow? I could probably check to see if the channel is in sub mode only and manually display a similar message but that seems very error prone.

Thanks for any help!

The replies are NOTICEs so you need CAP REQ

I’ve requested commands using CAP REQ and am recieveing NOTICEs like “This room is now in slow mode. You may send messages every 120 seconds.”. I’m not getting the messages that I mentioned in my first post.

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