Retreive sent messages back from the IRC server

I’m writing a simple IRC client. I’m trying to utilize the IRCv3 tags. When sending messages to a channel, the line looks like this:

1423614744866 >>>PRIVMSG #lirik :test

What I would like to see is:

1423614744866 @color=#8A2BE2;emotes=;subscriber=1;turbo=0;user_type= :tpaksoy! PRIVMSG #lirik :test

so that I know what my own chat color is and whether I’m subscribed to the channel and that I have turbo.

I there some IRC CAP that I can turn on to retreive the PRIVMSGs I send to the IRC server back with message tags?

If you CAP REQ you should also get a USERSTATE command on channel join (and I believe when sending a message) with the color.

Thank you George, that partially works. I can get the color and sub info back. Too bad the emote message tag is not provided. Its only a “USERSTATE” and it doesn’t know anything about the message I sent.

Do you by any chance have a list of CAPs that the Twitch TMI accepts?

tags and commands are the only ones at this time.

unrelated to the topic but can you combine tag and commands or are they exclusive.
If you can combine them how would you do it. Send both commands separately or in one message?

CAP REQ or as separate commands. They both work.

George, this workflow forces me to implement two completely different emoticon parsing and replacing because I have to use use emoticon_set for my sent messages, and the IRCv3 emoticon-tag for incoming messages. I hope it will be possible to retrieve your own message back from the IRC server WITH all the corresponding message tags so I can apply the same logic as incoming messages to the outgoing messages.

Edit: I forgot to mention, but the USERSTATE only gives back the emoticon_set and does not know anything about my previously sent message (obviously).

You have two options:

  1. Separate parsing for your own messages and those from other users. Twitch’s web client uses this method
  2. Separate connections for sending and receiving messages. You’ll see your own messages back if they are on different connections.

Hmm, I like the second option very much. That will extremely simplify my chat parsing code. Thanks for the suggestion!

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