Retrieve user profile pic

I’m trying to make a game that reads chat. I want to pull the profile picture of the streamer and each chat user that enters a command my game recognizes. Am I missing it somewhere? I don’t want to have to deal with Helix API to get it.

How else do you expect to get a users profile picture? Chat messages don’t contain the link to profile pictures because Twitch Chat has no use for profile pictures.

If you want to get a users profile picture you should use the Get Users endpoint and buffer requests so that you’re not making 1 request for each user entering the chat command but instead it waits a few seconds and then make a request for up to 100 users at a time.

With the IRC I can use the generic justinfan### login and don’t have to worry with the requesting user permission or setting up a server. Is there a generic oauth I can use with helix to access public info like profile pictures? Or is there standard url path like

That would be an App Access Token for server to server requests

However, In the context of

you can ask the broadcaster to login, then the game knows which chat to read.

Then you can use the broadcasters token or an app access token to get user profile images.

Which also means you can use implicit auth instead and have no secrets kicking about.

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