Revenue Checker

Hi, i would like to make a revenue checker. I would like to input an oauth token and then gather the total revenue in the specified timeframe. I saw that it isnt possible with the API. How can i do it without it, i tried web scraping it but i would not be able to do it since tokens expire and i would need to get the auth tokens to use in the browser from the oauth. How can i do that? If you have a better solution please write it here. Thanks

I saw that there is a software on this github repo that does the exact thing i want but it uses the old Kraken API and i dont know how to migrate. The repo is:

Basically, not possible.

Since you are missing “unannounced resub notifications” for when a sub resubs but doesn’t announced in chat.

You can collect a bunch of data, like subs/resubs/hypechat/bits from chat no oAuth needed, but it’s missing the “resubs that don’t get sent to chat”

So broadly, if you want an accurate revenue count, there isn’t any methods for that, with or without an oAuth token.

This seems to use a bunch of undocumented stuff that wasn’t ever intended for third parties to use.

For example, I didn’t know this existed so it’s undocumented and has no migration path as officiall it never existed.