Review of Extension without review after 5 days

I sent my extension to review last Friday (
July 29, 2022)

Still no notification, no response, not even a bug report.

When submitting it I included a detailed description of the changes.

What should I do? I need that new version in release as soon as possible

Extension review usually takes somewhere between 2 and 10 business days, with recently it being closer to that 10 day mark as there has been TwitchCon Europe and a holiday by Twitch staff that could have lead to a backlog of reviews in the queue.

There’s nothing you can do at this time but be patient, and wait as they work through the queue of reviews.


we are still waiting… we have submitted the source code of the extension 1 and a half weeks ago… and we still don’t have the approved extension or any comments.

please help us to expedite this process the first time it only took 1 week.

Please be patient, the review team will reach out to you when they have reviewed your Extension. Even if it only took 1 week the first time, review times vary depending on how many other Extensions are in the review queue, there’s nothing you can do to speed it up.


I sent the extension on (July 29, 2022), I think it’s been more than 1 week… this is affecting my business, please help me to at least give feedback…

The only point of contact you would have is but they will likely tell you the same thing I have, that there’s a queue and your Extension will be reviewed when possible. Anything from staff holidays, unusually large queues, Extensions that require the review team to consult with Twitch Legal or other departments, can all substantially increase the review time.

The exact process by which Extensions are reviewed is not publicly disclosed, all we know is that there is a review queue and the review team will email you if there is an issue.

Another developer has shared in Discord that they got two weeks.

So there is just a lengthy queue.

As Dist has said theres nothing you can do but wait. This is the nature of extension review.

And when they get into the office today is the start of day 12, so by the other developers estimate you still have 2 days.

Posting on the forums doesn’t get you anywhere either since I don’t think extension review keeps an eye on here, they are too busy reviewing extensions