Revisón issue urls firebase


I send to revisión my extensión and get this result from reviewer.

2.13: Thank you for providing the domains that are fetched by your Extension front end in the domain allowlist section of your manifest file. Unfortunately, we have found that one or more of the domains you have provided allow shared hosting and do not meet the requirements that have been set for acceptable domain allowlisting. The following domains that do not meet these requirements are:


I have other extensión that use firebase with the same config. What happens now?

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Did you find a fix? Workaround? Trying to use firestore as well, running into same problem.

I waiting for review because testers are in vacations…

But i try to include the bucked in url like:

Did this work for you? My review was just denied for the same reason. It doesn’t appear that appending “/my-bucket” would be the correct url.

I dont know if my case is valid for you but my extension was approved with this allow domain list:

Thanks for the quick reply.
That first url is the one I noticed in my console but I was unsure if it would be consistent or if Firebase randomly changes the URL. Have you had any issues? And/or any viewers in other GCP regions or countries with issues?

The url in my console is something like: “/Listen/channel?VER=8&database=projects%2F”
So the VER=8 is the part I was wondering might be dynamic.

Which receives a CSP error when in hosted test of “The source list for Content Security Policy directive ‘connect-src’ contains a source with an invalid path: '/google.firestore.v1.Firestore/Listen/channel?&database=projects/XXXXX. The query component, including the ‘?’, will be ignored.”

I think that this url domain dont change.

About CSP error is normal but the extension works well, but only for read if you try to modify your firebase this action are blocked, if you need that you need to call you own api request.

Ok great. Thanks again for the feedback.