Risks of sending automatic private messages


Firstly I am really sorry if I am not in the good category of topics.

I wanted to know if there is a risk with sending automatic private messages.
These messages are wanted, I mean, I did a script that when someone subs (people on the stream will be aware of this) to my channel he receives by private messages (with my twitch account) a personnal code that gives him a reward/gift to use.

But I want to know if there are any risks about doing this with an Twitch account?

If you need my code or anything else to understand my question, don’t hesitate.

Thanking you in advance,

Sending unsolicited whispers is highly likely to be detected as spam and the messages get blocked. As this would be your own Twitch account you may end up blocking your ability to send whispers yourself too if you get flagged as a spam account.

I better solution would be to do this through an external website where there user goes through the OAuth flow, and your site checks if they are a sub or not and then provides them the code for a reward/gift that way.

Depending on usage it may also be possible to do this within an extension too, you would need to read the extension guidelines to make sure it would all be compliant.

Thank you for the answer,

I will explore these possibilities.

Is it the same treatment for a Verified twitch account ? Or do they have a sort of protection?

All Twitch accounts are subject to anti-spam measures, the specifics of which Twitch doesn’t disclose.

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