Ritual new_chatter is not being sent

For several days, maybe weeks I lost new_chatter ritual as described in docs

@badges=;color=;display-name=SevenTest1;emotes=30259:0-6;id=37feed0f-b9c7-4c3a-b475-21c6c6d21c3d;login=seventest1;mod=0;msg-id=ritual;msg-param-ritual-name=new_chatter;room-id=6316121;subscriber=0;system-msg=Seventoes\sis\snew\shere!;tmi-sent-ts=1508363903826;turbo=0;user-id=131260580;user-type= :tmi.twitch.tv USERNOTICE #seventoes :HeyGuys

Was there any changes to ritual through TMI?

I’m assuming your Client/Bot/Whatever is still requesting the Tags Capability as described?

You saying you saw a ritual in chat that didn’t have a USERNOTICE sent to your bot/client/whatever?

Definitely still seeing them.

Ok thanks for info, I will recheck again

No, I lost those USERNOTICE messages at all, no ritual for bot TMI, is it broadcaster only?

No it’s sent to all connected clients. Coz otherwise main chat everyone wouldn’t be able to see it.

You have requested Tags and Commands capabilities, and got a IRCv3 and/or TwitchChat/TMI IRC compatible client?

Currently I am using twitch-js https://github.com/twitch-apis/twitch-js, although everything except ritual is working

We cannot help with third party libraries on this third party forum when the third party library has it’s own issue tracker…

Someone raised this as a issue on the library

Would seem it’s a issue with the library…

Yes, I am investigating this issue, trying to understand what might be wrong.

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