Roadmap for API

Hello, i am developer in Korea, now i am building broadcast tools for twitch (donation, alert, etc…)
I saw new subscription event api in helix but i think this is not enough replace pubsub or v5(kraken) api

after subscribed in channel, i want to display like this :
{displayName} is been subscribed {month}month!

Unfortunately new api doesn’t have month information. so in my case, i use three api (Pubsub, Karken, Helix)
In document, Helix will be deprecated someday, but there are no api which can replace old apis(Kraken, Pubsub)
Also there are no way to update stream(broadcaster’s) informations which are title and category.

Is there any roadmap information for API?
if not, i think, i do not need to change legacy API to new API.

english is not my first language so I apologize if you have difficulty understanding this.

almost sample json code(response) in document are wrong syntax. when i test my code locally, i always modify sample json. because it wasn’t parsed never.

Thanks for this document.

i wonder if this document is correct or not. in the document, there are only two features for future (actually in progress).
one is SubscriptionWebHook, another is CheeringWebHook(Bits)
and there are no more informations for API.
as you know, helix does not cover kraken(v5) fully.

so it means :
using v5 Api is ok for new application or whatever. because helix can’t replace it.
is right…?

i saw that “kraken is deprecated” in api document, but actually it is not. so strange, confuse.
is there any history? or undocumented yet?

english is not my first language so I apologize if you have difficulty understanding this.

It’s all we have

If there is no helix endpoint for what you need/want to do that v5 is fine.

Kraken is deprecated. It will be removed and is not expected to get new features. New ClientID’s also cannot event make calls for Kraken v3.

v3 is even removed from the docs.

This is the same as how (basically) all versions of Windows (except 10) are (essentially) deprecated. (as a over simplification)

Still around but unlikely to get any major updates.


(chiefly of a software feature) be usable but regarded as obsolete and best avoided, typically because it has been superseded.

“this feature is deprecated and will be removed in later versions”

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