Rules for disconnecting IRC channels from IRC?

I saw some several topics about this issue
like : [IRC] Twitch Chatbot Disconnection Issues - #3 by ankhheart

My bot immediately send back pong after receiving PING from twitch IRC channel

But the connections are closed by remote host(IRC)

I usually connect IRC 10 at maximum and don’t send commands or normal messages by bot

I’m asking because I see no rules in documentation when the IRC is disconnected
and there are no answer from twitch staff

only I see is

Re-Connecting to Twitch IRC

To re-connect to Twitch, follow the same process. Best practice suggests trying again with exponential backoff (immediate, 1s, 2s, 4s, 8s, …).

is reconnecting to channels is the only way to solve this problem?

What do you mean “connect IRC 10”?

without seeing some of your code can’t know for sure
odds are if theres your not getting messages on certain channels that often the s.recv is waiting for data so it never gets to your ping pong responses

You can ping your self on a thread and that could keep u connected

JOIN (Channel id)# in IRC (socket connection)
it seems this isn’t the problem IRC is just a multicast and it doesn’t really a burdensome to IRC server

This sentence makes no sense. Can you elaborate?

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