Run an existing extension with rig

I need to run an existing extension locally with rig but I am so blocked.

I have access to the dev account where it already exists the extension and it’s working so I have access to all the keys and ids. Also, I have access to the git repo with the code but I need help understanding the development process.

I am using mac and I have downloaded the rig and running the scripts. I have connected the rig properly with my extension but I can’t running it on local.

I have a yarn start in the project which serves the files so I think that I need put this command in the front-end host command
The backend is hosted in firebase so I understand that I don’t need run anything here

But I don’t know how I can test this, can someone give me some direction?

Ok, the frontend is finally working with this config now I have the problem just with the backend

If your backend is on firebase there is nothing you need to do.

The backend does not need to be in the rig at all.

Rig just helps with some testing/development of the frontend of a twitch extension