Running Commercials through Twitch API

I was told by someone from a twitch partnered channel that when running commercials through the Twitch API, they don’t show up in the stats and hence are not accounted for.
Can anyone confirm/deny this (with 100% certainty).

Since I’m not partnered and do not have access to a channel that is, I’m unable to test this myself, but since I’m working on an application that will allow users to run commercials through the Twitch API, I’d like to make sure it actually works properly and are being accounted for.

Peter Ginneberge (aka DeezjaVu)

When you run commercials via the Twitch API, they are 100% accounted for when it comes to generating revenue numbers for that partner.

The dashboard that shows commercial stats doesn’t get updated with the /commercial call because of some older legacy code that we need to upgrade.

Thanks for clarifying that.
Is the dashboard stats update something that will be fixed/implemented ?
Because right now that is the biggest issue with channels that have multiple streamers, as they need to be able to determine who actually ran the commercial and when. If they don’t show up in the dashboard stats, it’s impossible to determine that.

Yep we’re putting it on our to-do list. I don’t have an ETA, however.

Ok, thanks for that.

Additionally I’d like to see the ability for channel Editors to be able to run commercials through the Twitch API.
And the /commercial endpoint should then also allow to specify who ran the commercial (editor/owner).

Right now there is no way to administer a channel of which you are an editor. The twitch dashboard (website) does allow you to switch to the dashboard of which you are an editor, the API does not.