Same origin please

Can we please get the files loaded from, the script needs a good origin check, I want to check if files that are talking to my server always come from

Thank you

EDIT: By the way, why no cross origin files fetching for extensions? It’s possible during development why not production? I want my scripts to be fetched on my server, wywywhy?

Seriously, I don’t believe the current extension evaluation time is well founded.

If you were working off “localhost” during “localtest” rather than a Real domain, then the CSP cannot be applied, as thats jsut how it works

Not sure what you mean here, all extension files in hosted or live test are served from thus any ajax call should have that as the origin (when it hosted test or release)

All JS/CSS/HTML/static content should be served from the Twitch CDN to prevent you changing what/how an extension does what it does. And so Twitch can verify/validate the functionality is in line with the guidelines, that doesn’t work if you can change the JS at will

Currently it takes as long as it takes to from from submission to release, it depends how long the review queue is.