Sandbox (simulator) "request"


I know this is no small feat and I guess it has been requested multiple times but isn’t there yet (right?).
I just want to say that I would love to have a “sandbox/simulator” to trigger events for a channel for developing issues (like, “user a has subscribed to channel b”, simulate via: ).

Is anything like that being planned atm?

I do this for my bot by having a debug command that fakes the IRC events and passes them to the IRC parser as a real event. Since Twitch provides what the IRC USERNOTICE should look like, you can build up the IRC message and test your parser against that. No, it isn’t directly from Twitch, but it is close enough and has worked for testing purposes for myself.

Hey. Thanks for the reply.
I was thinking about realizing a similar setup depending on the area in which I work. Now, after reading that others are doing that as well, I think I might pursue this one as well. Not as comfortable as a sandbox/simulator, but it will do I guess (also as you pointed out, the docs from twitch provided are pretty damn good! <3).

Sometimes it just feels good to have some inspirations and ideas shared with/from others.

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