Saving a text file on streamer's pc through user interactions with the extension?


I am currently working on a twitch integration mod for a certain single player game and while everything works fine it’s a bit tedious for the users to know a bunch of different commands. The mod operates on a text file where a chatbot registers viewer commands into a text file and the game analyzes the info of that text file and performs certain actions.
Now here comes my question. Is it possible to save a text file on the streamer’s pc through the extension ?

Thanks in advance


An extension is literally just HTML/JS/CSS that is hosted on Twitch’s CDN, it has no acccess to anyone’s file system

You will need a local program installed on the Streamers Computer to capture events from your EBS, and write the text file

Thanks a lot for the response. I haven’t worked with twitch extensions before but from what I understand EBS is just a little tool which listens for events over an open socket ?

No, not exactly

EBS is the name the extension docs use for Backend server.

This could be a (web) socket server, or a “normal” HTTP/web server (nginx/apache fronting for PHP/Python/Go etc).

Thanks. That’s very helpful. In that case my project should be fully supported through extension + little EBS program and I can get down to studying the documentation.

You’d need an extension, an EBS and a little desktop program.

An EBS as a backend server traditionally sits on the web and be web accessable. And it’s problematic and insecure to make a streamers streaming PC be web accessable

So for security reasons I should host the EBS itself on some hosting as a midpoint and process the user inputs from the extension first to the EBS and then to streamer’s pc app ? In that case the EBS serves as a main “server” to which streamer’s apps connect ?


That is what I do!

Ok thanks a lot for the help !