Saving configuration data?

Hi all,

After reading through the docs, I’m a bit confused on how to save any configuration data for an extension. I have my project built off the boilerplate, so I have config.html, config.js, the live_ prefixed versions of these as well.

Is the config data just supposed to exist as persistent javascript variables? Do I need to support a database in my backend? How do I store configuration data in twitch extensions?

Thanks for any help,

For now yes you need to persist data through your EBS with a database or some other method to persist.

At this time you need to build a backend (EBS) on your own servers to store config data if required. The roadmap does mention a configuration service is in progress but it is not available yet.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the replies, I guess I’ll just host my extension on heroku or something.

What is the best way to unique identity each extension user while sending data to the backend then? I figure I could use the channelid to recognize each channel with the extension.

See and read the section that talks about Opaque IDs.