Scope not updating?

Previously my bot was just using user_read. I have changed my call to to include channel_check_subscriptions, and channel_editor. When my users try to log in they are seeing the new permissions, but according to my only scope is user_read. I also can’t pull back the subscriber list (err 401).

What am I missing? I deleted all my previous twitch cookies and tried, and still don’t have the new scope.

I believe you need the channel_subscriptions scope to get the list.

channel_check_subscription Read whether a user is subscribed to your channel.
channel_subscriptions Read all subscribers to your channel.

Are you using the new OAuth token that is generated or trying to use the old one? (just wondering)

That is a good question I am probably using the old one I had captured. Do I need to generate a new one, or can I just capture the one in the call back?

You generate a new oAuth each time.

Yeah I went back and looked, the access token. I had one of my users who has a sub button reauth and get me the token. I placed it in my header (with the client ID and accept) and went to

now I am getting 404 channel does not exist.

If I use their name instead of their ID I get
403 “The current authorization is not valid for this context”



with the id or

Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json

in the header

Thanks, I thought I could just use the accept header to specify v5, didn’t think I had to put it in the url

see my edit above.

the accept header isn’t working for me for some reason.

Header name: Accept
Header value: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json

(while using the modify headers firefox extension).

Maybe something will play nice when I put it in code and stop trying to get at it this way.
Thanks for the help.

No problem! Have fun.

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