Scope 'user_read' not working

I have setup my app to request the following scopes:

  • user_read
  • chat_login
  • channel_check_subscription

Twitch API redirects me properly with a code:

Request authorization token successful:


As you can see, the scope includes USER_READ in the response.

Now when I try to perform an API request with my ‘user_read’ scope to ‘’, it fails:

{"error":"Unauthorized","status":401,"message":"Token invalid or missing required scope"}

I know my token is correct, because a call to ‘’ shows the following:

{"_links":{ ... },"token":{"valid":true,"authorization":{"scopes":["channel_check_subscription","chat_login","user_subscriptions"],"created_at":"2015-05-01T19:55:30.096Z","updated_at":"2015-05-01T19:55:30.096Z"},"user_name":"sky_intricacy"}}

Note that USER_READ is NOT present in my scope that I previously requested, and was told I had access to it after authorizing.

I’m not staff at Twitch, but I’m just replying to let you know that Twitch is actively investigating this issue.

Thanks, this should be fixed.

Confirmed this is now working.


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