Script that send custom message to every sub


Today i’m trying to make something that could send a message to every sub to my twitch channel. I mean I would like to pick a specific line in a list then send it by private message on Twitch when someone subs.

I was thinking about making the list of messages I want to send (from 1 to 1000 lines) and when someone subs he receives the first line, the second receives the second, etc.

I tried to found a solution on the forum but I am a bit lost to do it in a proper way.

Any insight you can provide I would greatly appreciate.

IRC is documented here

You are specifically looking at

For the subscription event

Thank you for the answer, I have been able to create the project on glitch.

I’m just confused with the way to use tag, is there a possibility that someone give me an example of how it works.

And if someone knows how to pick a line of a page and send it by private message on Twitch (The program takes the first line, send it for the first person subbing then it takes the second line and send it)

I’m really thankful for the help you could provide me,

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