Scrollers in panel extension

Hey everyone,
Could anyone explain to me why do I have page scrollers in my iframe for panel extension?
It is ok size and according to Twitch Extension API they did everything to avoid page scrolling.

If your content is too tall, then your width didn’t take into account the scroll bar existance (or non existance.

Perhaps avoid using PX widths and use %ages instead.

Did you check the size of body to see if it matches what you expected.

I get 318px x 500px internal on a max height panel.

But the width would be slightly less on windows with scroll bars

My whole div block with 0 margin (body has 0 margin as well) is 280px330px. From Twitch Extension API reference:

Panel considerations — Panel extensions are limited to 320px wide x 500px high, to avoid iframe scrolling. Within this >box, try to allow 10px of inner padding for any text within your extension, for maximum readability.

Hey here is the solution: if you want your panel to exceed 300px height, you need to go to versions -> extension capabilities -> panel height. Hope this helps.

Heh I’d assumed you’d set the height you wanted in settings