Search by title not possible?

Does somebody know how I can search in stream titles?

Since yesterday this was posible with the kraken API. For some reason and without any changelog this doesn’t work any longer.
With the helix API it is also not possible even though it should be possible.

Same here… is that endpoint broken?

In fact I think it also affects the main website…

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Until the 1. or 2. Oktober the search was working fine using Helix. But now it´s only searching the Channel name stuff like the title seems to be ignored.

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This is interesting because from my perspective I have never seen it working on Helix.

Same here, since a few days my site doesn’t work anymore to search for GTA RP servers by their title.

When I try to search by the name of the streamer, the game or something else it works. But as soon as I try to search by the title it doesn’t work anymore.

Can we get any news from twitch about that ?

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Funny, I was doing the same. Searching for a GTA RP server by the stream title.

Solution: Load all GTA streams with something like the PHP code snippet below (And change the language parameter) and then iterate through everything. Check the stream titles with the string contains function of your programming language.

while (True) {
        $curl_h = curl_init("" . $pagination_cursor);

Yeah I was thinking of this solution, I was checking how to get more than 100 responses from the api right now in case of haha.

first=100 then paginate. Rough pagination example of the streams endpoint Browser Categories | Twitch API Example


This uservoice is currently marked as “investigating” so it would seem that Twitch are aware and are investigating.


Sorry to dig up the topic, but there is some news about this bug ?

The uservoice is still in the state of “investigating” as of July 2nd.
There is no further update

How does one (or many) go about getting this issue bumped up the priority list?

Vote on the uservoice.

It currently has 5 votes.

This won’t nessacirily result in action or moving it up the priority list but helps to suggest that there is interest in this feature.

There is no way to “force” or “push” something up or onto the “priority list” even if a “priority list” actaully exists.


TLDR: you don’t.

Voting on the uservoice helps promote/suggest interest in a feature. And Twitch may or may not include that in future build plans.

Yea that 5th upvote was me. So i guess it’s just a waiting game then. And with the fact that its been in the same state since 2nd July… I’ll try not to get my hopes up. :frowning_face:

The thing is, why is in the deprecation guide written

The v5 endpoint searched for the channel title and category. Use “Search Channels” to match channel name or title. Use “Search Categories” to match a category.

Maybe its more a bug then a missing feature atm?

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This IS a bug… this was working until October 5th and now it’s broken (I wonder if it has something to do with the leaks)

I don’t understand why does it need to go through the uservoice channels to be fixed.

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OP referenced Kraken.

Kraken is dead/no longer getting fixes changes or anything else.

The desired functionality appears to be missing from Helix. The Channels Search endpoint may have a mistake in the migration guide, as the docs for channels search doesn’t mention titles as all:

Returns a list of channels (users who have streamed within the past 6 months) that match the query via channel name or description either entirely or partially. Results include both live and offline channels. Online channels will have additional metadata (e.g. started_at , tag_ids ).

Therefore we have a “mistake” in the Migration Guide. And missing functionality from Helix.

Therefore to add this functionality to helix, a UserVoice is required, as helix never had title search.

The UserVoice already exists, has 5 votes (last check) and is marked as “investigating”

It appears that:

It’s not a “bug in helix” as helix never had it.
It’s a bug in kraken and kraken is dead/not getting fixes as it will be removed in February.


It’s a feature request as Helix never had search by Title, according to the documentation for Helix Search Channels.

It only searches

  • the channel name/user login
  • the description of that channel

Granted it’s not clear what is meant by “description”

or are you saying it did work in Helix? As OP refers to Kraken and missing Helix functionality.

And currently based on the uservoice it seems that Twitch is aware the functionality is missing in Helix and is investigating adding the functionality to Helix. And aware there is a mistake in the migration guide.

Either way, Twitch is aware as the uservoice is tagged as “Investigating”. Posting it to the GitHub Issue tTracker will just get it bounced to “it’s missing functionality please raise a uservoice”, and just duplicates an exsiting Ticket/request/tracking route for the problem.

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Further more someone posted it to GitHub yesterday the issue with Kraken

And I’ve filed a documentation revision request on what is actually meant by “description” for Helix

So we have

  • a open feature request (add title search to helix seach channels),
  • open bug for deprecated Kraken (and general search weridness with limits), which likely won’t get fixed
  • And a documentation adjustment request for helix

Of which the feature request is marked as investigating so the issue is already known to Twitch.

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Yes I think they dropped the title from their search index in preparation of dropping the Kraken API.

Sorry, nevermind my message, I was confused with the API endpoints.