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My app is currently pulling data from the Search Categories endpoint, but I’m noticing some unusual behavior.

Rather than returning a “Template URL for the game’s box art” for the box_art_url parameter (i.e.,{width}x{height}.jpg), I’m getting a URL with defined dimensions:

This has broken my app as my string replace logic looking for {width} and {height} no longer works. I’m not seeing this behavior with other similar endpoints like the Get Top Games endpoint. Any ideas on what’s going on? Can someone else confirm this behavior as well?

Thanks in advance!

You have found a bug.

It didn’t break my logic as a missing {width}/{height} didn’t break my logic.
As my replace just does nothing as there is no {width} to replace. So odd it broke your app. You may want to revise for in case this happens again.

My JS/CSS kept going.

Have filed a issue

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Thanks so much for filing an issue!

Thankfully my app still runs, the resolution for the box art is just very poor.

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