Search channel query problems


so here the problem I’m searching every stream channel with GTAV as a game with inside their title “altica rp”

It’s working perfectly but a friend warned me that a streamer was not in the list. I checked several times and I see no reason why it’s not in the list since it’s on GTA V and has Altica RP in its title.

Here a screenshot with the object of people with this url :

inside my code they’re a condition to filter game by their ID :

if(this.streamList[‘data’][i][‘game_id’] == 32982)

here the screenshot with an api call with all streamer who play GTA V with altica RP inside their titme and the second object it’s the streamer who doesn’t appear inside the first call. As you can see, he has GTAV as game and altica rp inside his title.

Maybe they’re somthing I forget about the search or something else. If you have any idea, I’m taking it. :slight_smile:

The streamer you claim is missing

Shows for me

I’m sorry but what do you mean by “the streamer you claim is missing” ?

You say here your first call is missing a streamer.

But the streamer that is missing shows when I run the same request you did

The streamer may have been missing from search (at the time) due to caching*

*May be wrong due to caching

Oh ok sorry I didn’t understand your sentence like that haha.

And now I can see him too with this exact request… I don’t understand haha. the joys of computing.

sorry for the inconvenience

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