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Hi guys,

I want to know if its possible to know if a guy is currently watching a stream on Twitch.
For exemple in the API you have a boolean true or false, if its true the person XXX is watching a streaming if its false the person XXX is offline.

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No, there is not. Perhaps if you explain what you are trying to achieve by this, there might be another way.

Oh ok… It is just to make a hours counter to know how many hours we are watching stream on Twitch.

we, as in the collective twitch user base?

If so, you could poll the view count of the x most watched streams (x being large enough to cover a significant portion, yet small enough to be feasible to retrieve) at set intervals. Assume that 2000 views recorded at a one hour interval, for example, equals to 2000 hours of collective view time. Use smaller intervals for greater accuracy.

Use @Fugiman 's suggestion instead to get the number of total viewers. Given an interval in minutes, the collective hours are simply calculated by viewers / interval * 60.

Use http://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/summary

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