Send Chat Message Response Body : drop_reason codes?

Is there a list of all the possible drop_reason codes for the API Send Chat Message response body?

Experimentally, the most common one I see is “followers_only_mode” but I’d like to know what other codes could be returned.

The documentation only lists that the code is a string, but does not provide a list of what the codes could be.

A list hasn’t been published.

I imagine they can be added or removed from at any time.

But as you found there is one for followers only.

I suspect if follows the same as regular chat

  • followers only
  • emote only (and tried a message with words in)
  • user isn’t suitably verified to chat.
  • chat is in r9k mode (aka unique chat) and message is not unique
  • subscriber only and no a sub
  • slow mode and tried to talk too quickly

are the only ones I can think of that apply to regular chat.

Conceputally you might on join a room call Get Chat Settings for the rooms current settings to avoid triggering a drop.

See also Reference | Twitch Developers