Send Extension Chat Message Error 500

I found out that my extension is not able to send chat message anymore, looking to logs I found out that is giving error 500 with this json body:
{"error":"Internal Server Error","status":500,"message":""}

Is this a known error? Is something changed how to send chat message from EBS?


What is the release state of the extension version you are trying to send as?

I switched from local test to hosted test.

EDIT: As I see there is some error on my developer page, for some reason I lost Name, Description and other infos too… well I think I need to switch to local test again and then switch to hosted

That was what I suspected it was.

This should of been a bug that was fixed.

So if it is reoccuring (you manage to get the fields blanked again) we can get 876 reopened Version Details gets wiped out when saving Capabilities · Issue #876 · twitchdev/issues · GitHub

I’m filling again the data, I will monitor it to see if the bug is still present

I confirm that the bug was the blank sections in developer page. API works again after restoring them.