Send private message with a bot on Tchat

Hello guys, sorry for my english I’m a French Noob.

I have a rpg bot and I want use it on my twitch chat, but he got so much command and my chat will be flooded so hard.
In IRC the bot send /notice with the following code :

1st exemple :
alias verif_perso
if ($network = %serveur && !$exists( $+(rpg,$nick,.ini))) {
.notice $nick Aucun personnage connu sous le nom de $+(",$nick,") . Si tu n’as pas de perso crées en un: !create [assassin|mage|guerrier]

2nd example :
if (%pvieconso > 0) send %color1 $nick $+ %coltxt utilise %colxp %pvieconso $+ %colhp potion(s) de vie %coltxt : %colhp + $calc($hget($nick,hp) - %olhp) hp
else .notice $nick Vous n’avez pas besoin d’utiliser de potions de vie

Of course when people use commande on tchat, the bot doesn’t respond to them, How can I do to make this bot answer by private message ? What sould I put for change .notice ?

Thanks !

It’s a bit bizzarre for a bot to do this.

Checking the spec on NOTICE it’s a bit of a misuse perhaps.

The spec notes that NOTICE can be used similarlly to PRIVMSG.

So you should be able to swap notice for whatever you are using for normal PRIVMSG instead

Dat is an old code… and it’s working on mIRC of course, but twitch dont use notice so… what I have to do exactly in place of .notice for send a private message please ? Haven’t touch code since many years ago and I’m very confused

No idea.

This is NOT a mIRC support forum…

A google links to


notice $nick


privmsg #your-channel-name .w $nick

But you will certainly have some issues with bots whispering people unless you are a known_bot and still, there are measures in place to prevent bots from flooding whispers to users. Sounds more like you want to make an extension to do this stuff in an overlay

Thanks for this answer i will try it and I have send a request to become a known_bot, what are you speaking about when you said extension to do this stuff in an overlay ? Thanks again

EDIT : seems to doesn’t work :confused:

What doesn’t seem to work?

Thanks and privmsg #chan .w $nick doesn’t work if I put this on my code

Check for errors in the raw response, you are likely being blocked due to spam.

Whispers are problematic if a real person doesn’t initiate it via he website.

Bots should generally only reply to a user, and when they are reply-ing they should reply in the route as the request.

So a PRIVMSG is replied with a PRIVMSG and a whisper is replied to via whisper (and a notice on regular irc with a notice)

You shouldn’t (generally speaking) reply to a PRIVMSG with a whisper or send unsolicited whispers, which is likely the issue you are running into.

Additionally as per the docs

To send a whisper you need an oAuth key with the whispers:edit scope applied to it

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