Send whispers with GMS2

I’m trying to send whispers to a twitch game using gms2, but I can’t find a way to do that.

“to a twitch game”.

Not sure what you are trying to do here? Or what gms2 is.

gms2 is a game engine

So what are you actually trying to do here.

Your OP suggests you are trying to “send whispers to a game”.
Twitch doesn’t provide a thing to do that, so you need to devise your own method to get data to your game from Twitch.

Yes that could be “via a Twitch whisper”, which means you have a bot that recieves a whisper and relays it to the game.

I’m trying to send a whisper to someone in the chat through the twitch game, I expressed myself wrong.

The TLDR of that is, “you can’t”

The whispers product essentially isn’t designed with bots sending them in mind.

A more optimal approach is using an Extension, which will also provide better interaction layers.

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