Sending media in private or whispers


I’m thinking about creating an interactive game on twitch based on a board game, I’ve read some of the API docs to see how I could set up a chat bot for such a game … however, as in a board game the bot would draw cards and send them privately to the participants (so no one can see the cards the other participant got)…

so… back to the point, I did not find anything in the APIs that would allow me to send images to the people participating in the chat … is this possible, or would be there any other recommended approach?

Thanks in advance!!

you cannot send images via whispers.
But you can upload them to a server and then send the link for the images via whisper.

Probably via whisper is not a very good way.
Maybe you need an extension

An extension would be more appropriate for this sort of thing, as that would allow you to show images to a specific user.

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