Sending messages on twitch based on firebase

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for guidance as I develop a chat bot on Twitch. I have a website that displays twitch streams on a 60 second rotation. My website uses firestore as a backend service, and there is a document called “CurrentStream” which contains the username for the current stream that’s being displayed.

I’m wondering if a twitch bot could make a request to that firestore document and determine if the “CurrentStream” user is the same as the streamer who’s hosting the bot. And it would then say “Your stream is being displayed (on my website)”

This is a “can I use tech a to do thing b” question.

The answer is: sure probably.

Is this a good idea? No problem a a not, sounds like spam that a stream doesn’t want, they would want the viewer to stay on Twitch on their stream not leave for another site.

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