Sending messages to chat

Hello. Im creating my own chat bot for my channel. i have be able to successfully connect and join a channel. i can receive incoming messages in the channel i have joined but i cant seem to figure out how to send messages into the channel. i see that i need to add the PRIVMSG command but i dont ever get a response nor an error. can someone please clarify the format at which i need to send the message i wish to send to the channel or anything that might cause the problem?

PRIVMSG #lowercasechannelname :Your message goes here\r\n`

Your best reference would be the irc protocol. It specifies the format of the incoming and outgoing messages. Twitch implements part of IRCv3.

ill give this one more shot. i believe i tried this already.

ill give the protocols one more look over. ive been burred deep in them while writing my whole bot .

I tried this exact format and i couldn’t get it to work
here was my output out.print("PRIVMSG #<channel in lowercase> :test\r\n"); anyone else know how to get it to work?

Besides us not knowing the context of that code (for example, what is out), you should probably, work through either a tutorial on IRC, or learn and use an IRC library

here is the code… its in java… out = new PrintWriter(socket.getOutputStream(), true); the command that is sent is out.print("PRIVMSG #postitmonkey :test\r\n");

Have you tried out.println instead of just print?

damn that was it! i didnt think the line command would be the problem. Thank you! i was only using print not println

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