Sending test events to apps

Am i right to assume that there is currently no way of sending test events to apps? I.e. subs/cheers notifications? I mean something similar to what muxy have:


There’s no way to send a test event through the API. The way 3rd party apps like Muxy, or Streamlabs, do test cheers/subscriptions is to just simulate a notification being sent within the apps themselves.

Thanks! I understand that, i just showed the screenshot as an example. Then how can i know if my app works correctly, without being able to test it? Just deploy it and pray it works during the official stream? Seems really strange to me.

The docs explain the structure of an event, be it JSON success/error results returned by the API, or what a cheer looks like through a chat connection. From that you can construct your own test data and just send it directly to the functions in your app you’ve set up to handle those events. You could even go as far as creating your own websocket server for your app to connect to in place of Twitch and send your own cheer notifications through that to simulate the process of a cheer entirely!

Just because Twitch doesn’t provide you a way to test your code, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to test your own code yourself.

I guess i didnt convey my thoughts clear enough. I didnt mean my code, i understand how to test my own code, i understand that i can fake the events easily, no need to even fake the events, i can just call the functions manually as i please. What i want to test is if i even set up the connection/integration correctly, do i even receive any events in the first place.

I’m not quite sure what more you want. First you say ‘without being able to test it’, I’ve shown how you can test it. You say you’ve tested it so great, next step would be to connect to Twitch and listen to live events, if that works which it should if you’ve done your own testing then awesome, you can move into production version.

… Disregard everything i said, you are clearly misinterpreting what i said. My question was about the existence of some sort of development sandbox. And as we figured there isnt one. Case closed.

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