Sending text to twitch chat

hey guys, im new to this so please go easy on me : )

is there a way where an overlay (or custom widget on the overlay) can send text straight to twitch chat?

im using a stream elements widget to listen for ! commands in chat,
when a ! command (!win) is sent in chat it updates the counter on my overlay, this works fine.

what im looking for is to set up a browser source on obs with the code on the overlay that when i ‘show’ (or unhide) it, it will activate and send the text to twitch chat, is this possible??



Basically your overlay would need to connect and authenticate to Twitch Chat. Basically “like” a Twitch Chat Bot.

Twitch IRC documentation is here:

It would be a bit convoluted to make your OBS Source authenticated connect to Twitch Chat itself, in my opinion, but it’s not impossible

thanks Barry,

think im just going to give up,
all i want is a simple message when i active either an overlay or a browser page in obs, ive looked through the IRC and nothing i could see says how to do this.

i cant even get past the beginning of the IRC,
“Simply put your credentials in the [.env file] and click Run” … there is no RUN button.

its a shame there is nothing out there for beginners.

You started working thru the example that runs on the website glitch.

  1. Visit
  2. Hit “Remix your own” on the chatbot example
  3. Edit .env
  4. This particular example, is also (re)starting on code changes so, yeah no run button. (Hit Logs to see errors)

I don’t use glitch so this is new to me also.

To do what you need to do you need to have either,

  1. created an always on chat bot that can receive and relay a message from your overlay
  2. add IRC/TMI code to your overlay to connect to and send to chat on demand.

The IRC documentation covers how to connect and send to Twitch Chat. It doesn’t exactly tell you to exactly do what you want to describe. I can tell you it is possible to do as my overlays do it. But I can’t just give you the answer as my solution is proprietary to the channel and a little complicated due to other infrastructural components

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