Separate sockets for send and recv

For channels with a low amount of chat traffic i would assume using one socket for both sending and receiving should be enough, but to account for a high volume of chat traffic would it be best to have two separate sockets created? One dedicated to receive chat messages, and the other to send any responses for commands?

Or would the net stack buffer any packets being sent by the server while the client is performing a send operation and then the next call to recv would pull the buffered info?

Not really anticipating high volumes of traffic for my bot, i was just wondering what the best practice would be for send recv operations when you dont know when/how much data you will receive.

I have not needed to do this no.

The choice is yours but generally a single channels traffic is unlikely to cause an issues.

Depends how your thread blocks on read/write really.
You might find $language or $library sets up different internal threads so you don’t need to consider this.

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